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We have a large 5m x 10m polytunnel in the bottom field. Over the years we have grown sweetcorn, melons, peaches, french beans and sweet potatoes.

Last year, as an experiment, we decided to try to grow luffa plants in there so we could have our own loofahs.

We planted three luffa plants and they grew enormous.

Luffa plant Luffa plant


We ended up with 30 loofahs in total! In the autumn we harvested, peeled, blasted the seeds out with water then hung them to dry.

We soaked them in a weak solution of bleach for a couple of hours, then put them in the washing machine for a short cycle. After drying, they look like this.

Loofas drying Dried loofas

We cut them into two or three pieces and sewed down the raw edges.

They are now perfect sponges for washing-up and guests will be using them in the camp site and Little Owl this year. They last for ages and when they get tatty we'll just put them in the compost bin.

Prepared loofahs Loofah washing-up sponge

We really enjoyed growing and processing loofahs and hope you will enjoy using them.

Laura & Dave x