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Camping Visitor's Book

After an accident in 2012, when some cider destroyed the visitor book, we decided not to replace it. Instead, we would greatly appreciate it if our guests would write a short review on Trip Advisor. Many thanks, Laura & Dave xx.

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August 2006 - our opening year!

Ballin Camps: 
"Couldn't have wished for a better week. Tents were magical, facilities were convenient. All the hard work, warmth & hospitality of our hosts very much appreciated. Thank you!! (We will be back!)"
"What a little gem of a place - best camping I've ever done & the campfire songs will be long remembered. See you next year XX."

Ben & Naomi: 
"Thank you so much for a brilliant week! This is first class camping and we've enjoyed camp barbies, late night singalong, walks in the countryside and trips to the beach - but most of all this was made even better by Dave + Laura as hospitality. THANKS!"

Caroline, Nick and Noah: 
"Perfect week in a fantastic place. Thank you."

Mark, Katie, Ebbi + Sum-Sum:

Annie, Steve, Finn & Frank:
"We don't want to go home! We've had the best week we've ever had and thank you for it! Finn's 6th birthday has been super special. And I ate pork! And thought a horse
was a panther! Fantastic!"
[Re the pork, we had our own pigs here - and they were delicious! - Dave & Laura]

"Wonderful hosts, thank you for a lovely time."

Derek & Orla:
"Thanks for a great holiday, Orla wants to live here. So do I... Thank you Dave & Laura"

"Some of the things I liked the best - apart from Dave and Laura, of course -: I love the bench in the bathroom, and the towel hook on the post by the sink, the rope handles on the loo doors, and the shiny screws on the upright posts; the way the tents are made is really really happy-making. The boys loved making fires, and photographing the roofs of the tents from the inside. Beautiful borders, and very good lawn-mowing. I could go on.... and on.... Love Anna XX

Sieber Family:
"Cold, cold, cold, rain, rain, rain, thunder and a piece of sunshine! But great company from Gail, Bas and Roberta and Ali, lets hope the girls keep in touch! Also Dave and Laura thanks for your hospitality - may the next family have better weather x"

Bas, Gail, Roberta, Steve, Wendy & Ali:
"Fantastic campfire - every home should have one! Thank you to Holly for being such a good mate for Roberta. We all had a great time at Belle Tents & wish Dave and Laura much success & happiness with their new venture. Thank you Dave for showing us the dolphins!"

Ford / Burningham Family:
"Campsite seems the wrong word to describe such a charming place. Beautiful tents (I want one) and wonderful flowers. The children have had a ball despite the disappointing weather. We retreat damp and tired but full of the joys of outdoor living and campfire bon hommie."

Natasha, Fran, Nelson, Isabella, Louis & Dexter:
" 'wherever you may wonder, wherever you may roam.
There's nowhere quite like Belle Tents - a home away from home
Among the things here about which you may rave
You'll never find such gracious hosts as lovely Laura & Dashing Dave!'
(That's as far as I can go in rhyme - the rest is reason... Its been a fantastic week despite the weather. Highlights: obviously the tents, but also the fire, the bar tent, the barbeques and the endless (and suffering) kindness and hospitality. Big hugs & thanks. We'd love to come back next year - hope you'll have us back! XXX"
"I loved the tents and I really want to buy one. Thank you so much 4 your kindness. This has been my favorite campsite ever." Isabella
"It has been so cool here and hope we are back next year!" Izzie again
"Thank you! We'd love to come back too! X"
"Thank you love Louis & Dexter"

Georgia, Louis, Nell and Mack [sent to us on their return home]:
"We've just got back from a week in Suffolk, in a house! Which was nice but nothing compared to the Belletents experience. We had such a LOVELY time at Belletents and just wanted to thank you again especially for the top night in the bar tent with Rose and your friends, I still can't get 'wish you were here' out of my head, I had to download it on Nell's itunes but Dave I have to say I prefer your version!!
We send you lots of love and hope to see you next year."

David, Emma, Monty & Ruby:
"Great fun, great beds & great friends. Had a great time, Monty, Ruby, Mum & Dad. Thank you XX"

2007  (Back to Top)

Del & Lisa:
"As soon as we saw the advert for Belle Tents our minds were made up. Arriving at Belle Tents, in the dead of night, was the journey really worth it? Yes it was and much, much more. The tents were romantic, the grounds oozed tranquility and Dave & Laura were the icing on the cake, to a remarkable vacation. We have never been camping before but this is the only way to camp, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, despite the rain (there were loads of it) we will definitely be back.
Dave & Laura - A big thank you see you again (we will be back next time) PS: Loved the cat."

Joanne, Jeffrey, Millie & Lydia: 
"Love the tents !!!!!!"
"I had a great holiday. I think the tents are fab! Thankyou for your company!
"Thank you Dave and Laura - we've had a super holiday!"

McDowells & Rileys:
"Stole money from bank. Kill someone. Cheekiness the police. Escaped from prison. Extremely bad!" Barney
"Had a great time! Thank you."

Stephen, Debbie, Lily & Lucy:
"After a long and arduous journey the sight of the jolly, brightly coloured tents cheered us all up. We have enjoyed re-discovering Cornwall and Belle Tents has been the perfect base from which to do it. Laura & Dave have been wonderful hosts + tourist information guides! Thank you - I'm sure we'll be back."
"Comment: we are having a really good time even though it is only our first night here. We were playing bar ladies together me + my sister. We really enjoy it here. Good Job. Extremely good. Lily XX "
"I think this is really great. The tents are really cool too. Thanks alote Lucy X"

"We have had a lovely week, the tents and site are great fun and perfect for families."

Andy, Andrew, Danielle, Eddie, Josanna:
"Watching the stars" Danielle (10)
"Sleeping in the tents" Eddie (7)
"Sleeping in the tents" Josanna (6)
"Making the fire, watching everyone having fun" Andy & Andrew - the big kids.

John, Jenny, Megan & Matthew:
"Although the weather was changeable, the camp experience was great, the kids loved it. Thanks Dave & Laura for making us all welcome and our fellow campers for such a great time."

Sonja, Marc, Daniel + Emily-Jane:
"Weather as always part of the fun of camping. Dave + Laura thank you for helping us, we've had a really lovely time, as well as special thanks to John, Jenny, Matthew + Megan for making it even better. X"

Ruth, Mark, Amy, Hannah & Laurie:

"I think what you have created here is fantastic and wish you all the best of luck. Goodbye to you all. X"

Mike & Ali:
Thank you for a great 'camping' experience - we had a wonderful time; loved Cornwall, the beaches, surfing, great tents and friendly company."
"Good for you. Shame about the weather in the first day. Loved the fire - unfortunately is the last night. Wish we could stay longer" Amy
"Miles and my toys X" Johnny

Emma, John & Madeline:
"Generosity of spirit in the same abundance as the beauty around here! Thank you Dave & Laura for a great week - it's a mint!"

Ruth, Deryk, Hannah & Alex (+ Becs for 2 nights):
"Adios Amigos! What a week! First column of 'Dear Ruth' will be coming shortly! It's been a gas! - Ruth X"
"Best camping experience by far! Had so much fun with my family & you, I want to thank you for that! Take care! XXX Hannah XX"
"So far the best camping place and trip! Absolutely brilliant, thank you! Can't wait to come back next year! Love Alex XXX"
"A wonderful oasis with warm hosts. We've had the most amazing time. Deryk XXX"

Stephen, Pam, Jordan & Robert:
"Thank you for your excellent hospitality. We had a wonderful experience in your campin; loved Cornwall, the beaches, surfing and walking on the moor. hope to be beck in a few years time xx"

Peta & Gregory:
"Despite the rain & cold we had a wonderful time. It is the most magical place matched only by the warmth & generous hospitality of Dave & Laura. Thank you."
"A very special place and a unique birthday treat added to by Laura & Dave's roles as hosts."

Gemma & Friends:
"And on the first day God created Belle Tents Camping! Came here with my friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. Had an absolutely awesome time.... Dave & Laura have thought of everything and couldn't be more helpful or charming. Thanks very much - we'll definitely be back! XXXX"

"Wow! There truly are angels on earth. Laura & Dave such beautiful people - rare. A beautiful, tranquil setting, a magical place of stay. Truly blessed. XXXXXXX"

2008  (Back to Top)

Andy, Holly, Jon + Mandy:
"Your place is truly beautiful and we have had a lovely time. Thanks for everything. see you next year!"
"Thanks for your company, you made our holiday. Look forward to the swimming pond... :-) And now for the rude bit.... Nope can't think of anything bad to say. Love to Murphy! XXXXX Holly"

Monica & Friends at Monstock!:
"Had an amazing time, sun + rain, smiling all day and night. Please stop Murphy from slaying little bunnies :-( Looking forward to 2009. Thanks Dave and Laura XX"
"Came here to celebrate my birthday and spend time with friends and had an amazing time. Lovely place, lovely cat (apart from the bunny incident!). Thanks Dave and Laura for being such wonderful hosts. Oh! And for the amazing walk with the wet entertainment included! We'll be back! Simon & Suzy XXX"

Mark, Em, Samuel, & Benjamin: 
"A yummy time! Wonderfully romantic and lots of fun for us and the boys. Would love to return with friends. Thanks for a fab campfire!"
"My favourite thing is sleeping in the Belle Tents." Benjamin

Verity, Kiddi, Sverrir, Tumi + Oliver:
"Dear Dave + Laura. Thank you for a wonderful time, we love Belle Tents and everything about it. You are some of the kindest people we have met and we are proud to be your first Icelandic guests, By next year this place will be swarming with icelanders! See you in Iceland soon!!! All our love, The Icelanders."

James, Tamsin, Harry, Susannah & Gran:
"Thank you Dave and Laura - we loved it in your Big Top tents - first camping experience for the children - I think they're spoilt for life now and will always expect beds and kitchens! Also for a fun evening putting the world to rights - next time we would like to order some sunshine though! Hope to see you again...."

Ruth, Deryk, Andrew, Camilla, Rebecca, Tim, Jake, Zak, Liam, Mick & Caz [Ruth & Deryk held their blessing and reception here with friends and family a few days after their wedding.]
"This is not a campsite, it's having a fab time in your mates garden. Well that's what it feels like, definitely the most comfortable & chilled out campsite that I have ever been to. FAB FAB FAB LOVE IT YOUR THE BEST, CAZ"
"Great tents, Great Place, Great People Dave & Laura thanks for your kindness & hospitality, a true PartyPalace" Mick
"It's been a lovely time it's like a five star campsite it was fun playing cards and the football table was amazing I would like to come here again." Jake
"An amazing holiday" Liam
"Had a bloody amazing time in your hippie den, might even come back with a few of my mates." ZaK
"Awesome time. Been around the WORLD, but never realised such a good time was there to be had on my doorstep. LOVED IT. Thank you very much X" Camilla
"What went wrong? Came here last year, & on Saturday we wed in your garden! It will be a day we will remember the rest of our lives! You have been awesome hosts to our extended family & have put up with all our partying with elegance and aplomb! This magical place brought people of different backgrounds together for our lovefest which was adored by all. Thank you - thank you for making our wedding the most perfect it could be. Everyone should do it here! All our love, hugs & kisses - Ruth, deryk, Andrew, Camilla, Rebecca & Tim XXXX"

Dasha's Hen Party:
"London N, S, E, W. I had actually no idea where I was going. It was amazing, seeing a little world of magic and fairies. It was brilliant even though it rained. The walk was brilliant and would have been nice to walk for longer but conditions too slippery. Thank you to the girls for choosing such a special place and BIG thank you to the hosts for letting it be here in the first place. Dasha"
"What a lovely weekend out of the city! Thanks so much for a wonderful camping experience!"
"Amazing. Loving the mud, rain, trees, bugs & all! Deffo coming back soon. Thank you! XXX"
"Thank you for sharing your little bit of paradise with us, we had a wonderful time! And thank you for your kind hospitality. XX Beth"

The Clarks:
"Fantastic few days amid the lovely tents, lovely people, beaches, music & the laughter tent!"

Rebecca, Bertie + Coco:
"Thank you for a wonderful time - even though we only live down the road it has been a wonderful break. We loved the music, Murphy, The Masons Arms - everything except the rain."

Jayne & George:
[Jayne & her son George stayed in Little Owl, our studio flat, but joined in at the campsite with everyone else.]
"Just got here today and we are loving it already. Thank you." George
"Dear Laura & Dave, Thank you so much for our stay at your property. It has been peaceful & a welcome break from the mayhem of city life. I will be back & I will most certainly recommend your little piece of heaven to others. Thank you for your hospitality & friendliness. Best wishes - Jayne."

Melanie, Martin, Bertie, Lola + Art:
"Beautiful mists off cliff edges jumped into a pool of dew. Great to not have to de-camp in such rainy conditions & enjoy the experience. Will definitely recommend as great time especially if the 'sun' were to be added."

Amrit, Tara, Phyllis, Alastair:
"The tents were very comforting. We REALLY loved our stay. We would love to come back again."

2009 (Back to Top)

Finbar, Abby, Molly & Sam:
"Midsummer day - Molly had a magical 4th birthday here - lovely thank you - & sun!!"

Jack, Finn, Isaac, Rachel, Simon:
"Thank you again for the most wonderfully relaxing and magical weekend from the moment we arrived. Can't wait to come again. You've got it just right."
"Thank you for being the most warm and gorgeous hosts. Enjoying geting to know you, the kids loved it all too. see you next year. xxxx"

Margot, Mark, Henrietta, Isobel, Sophie & Gillian:
"A magical place despite the rain. We enjoyed exploring Bodmin and the girls loved surfing. Thank you."
"Thank you terribly muchly! our stay was unctious!"
"Thankyou! I will definitely bring my family back here."
"Thanks for a wonderful stay..and thank you for washing my jeans!"

Holly, Andy, Jon & Mandy:
"Thank you for a lovely week - again, we've had a great time, love you both. See you next year! xxx"

Martin, Elizabeth & Michael:
"We should be used to rain - coming from Manchester - but when it rains in Cornwall it really does rain! We loved the camps, and the care that you took to think of everything. Even the huge slice of chocolate birthday cake (yummy)! A lovely part of the world, thank you for a great cool camping experience."

Becky & Roz:
"Thank you for a fabulous weekend! Apologies for the drunken singing! And for an ardent non-camper, somewhere to plug in hair straighteners - BLISS!! xxx"
"AMAZING! This is the most amazingly wonderful place in the existance of the world ever! Thank you so much for a brilliand 30th birthday, far out man! love you guys!"

Caroline, Richard, William with Vivien & Evie:
"We have had a weekend that exceeded all expectations! We felt like we had entered hobbitsville when we arrived. The tents are so cosy and i's wonderful to have everything provided. The 2 babies could crawl frely it was safe even to leave them in the tents at night when we went to *the PUB tent*. The Pub tent is FAB - we met our feelow campers, the glamping queen Carrie and toyboy Russ & bar girls Ellie & Abbie (aged 9). We had so much fun at night playing cards games, drinking and chatting. The amazing DAVE & LAURA are what really makes this place special - they are warm, fun, hospitable and a great laugh. On saturday night they played amazing music with the band - guitar Dave & Laura tooting on the flute - it was really special! The whole week has been magical - even when it rained!"
"Dear Dave and Laura. We will miss you so very much and we hope we all keep in touch. we've had such fun here and definitely will be coming back next year. But next time I will definitely bring my Mum. When we can do lots more things and you get to meet my Mum. WE WILL MISS YOU LOTS AND LOTS XXX."

Russel & Carrie, Abi & Ella:
"We've had the best of times, big, big thank you. Looking forwared to the next time, will prepare the liver!!"
"Well where do I start! Great company what with Richard, Caro, William, Viv & Evie and of course our very generous hosts & friends (I think they like us) Dave and laura. The tents are amazing and the bar tent is a fantastic place to eat, drink & be very merry. Our hosts entertaining us with their giutar, banjo & flute playing. I am now thinking of taking up the 'Tea Chest Bass' box after my introduction at the gig at The Horseshoe pub! Once again and amazing place with so much to do. Thank you Dave and Laura and look forward to seeing you again soon. I will send a link to our photos. Love Russel & Carrie xxx. FAB!"

Pete & Janet and Charlie and James:
"Had a fantastic week - absolutely loved the camp site. Dave & laura thought of everything. Tents wonderful (hard floors particularly with the rain we had). Bar tent was great - a brilliant focal point for the whole camp. Best camping experience we've ever had. Thank you Dave & Laura. Hope to see you again."

Steve, Gaynor, Ellen & Spencer:
"Had a great week, booked out entire camp with 2 other families - see above. Bar tent was great feature esp given the weather we had - was great eating/drinking/socialising area. Kids loved being outside with friends- everything here you need for a great week's camping. Thank you Dave & Laura!"

Yvonne, Ian, Hayley, Abbie, Beth & Nathan:
"Fantastic holiday! Even the weather held out! Sharing the bar tent or 'beer' tent as we called it was great. It took in a different feel every night as we ate together. Really friendly Dave & Laurs made us feel very welcome! Thanks for the 'Priceys'."
"Wearing my wellies all day made me as close to festival chic as I could without going to one."

Claire, Gareth & Luke:
"Had an amazing time, you are both brilliant hosts so friendly and great, thank you so much I hope to come next year - Luke."
"Thanks for making us feel so welcome. Great location, great hosts Dave and Laura couldn't do enough to make our stay very personal. Really loved the tents, they stood up to all that the elements could thow at us. Enjoyed Dave's ghost story, Luke will be telling that to everyone at school. The sounds of Michael Jackson will stay with us forever! Really enjoyed having the bar tent and camp fire where we could get to know two really nice families. A magical place with magical hosts."

Rowena, Ryan, Ellis & Alana:
"We've had such a lovely time. The thrill of surfing, moor walks, making new friends and eating lots of yummy food. This wonderful camp creates the best atmosphere to unwind, take a break from clock watching, getting back to what really matters - family and enjoying each bit of each day. Laura & dave here made us feel very welcome, and helped us to relax, knowing they were on hand to offer us advice, suggestions on where to go, how to light a camp fire, where to go for beautiful walks where we would see ponies running wild & venus fly-traps growing naturally. They were also very tolerant of our kid's new found love of Michael Jackson! (I'll see if I can find the CD & leave if for them as a memento of our stay!!:) - only kidding! Thank you

Josie, Jerry, Theo, Bea & Tabitha:
"Six happy children, five camp fires, four days body boarding, three stormy nights - but only one Michael Jackson CD. A real week to remember. Thank you so much."
"I found it very fun and cool because you can make friends, go body boarding, stay up late telling funny stories and walk long hikes to see venus fly-traps."
"I had lots of fun here and I made friends with all the children in the camps"
"I love the tents & it's really fun & Relaxing!"

Brooke, Josh, Saf & Mill:
"V. short stay, weather not great, but a wonderful stay at a lovely friendly site. Thank you Dave & Laura for being such welcoming hosts. We will be back when the sun is shining!"

"A lovely welcome to Belle Tents! Met some wonderful friends, great laughter and warmth in The Bar Tent. The Bar Tent was a sanctuary when the weather was bad, thank you Laura & Dave for the flapjacks and fresh towels when we were towelless! x"

Lisa, Andrew, Milo, Louis & Lara:
"Despite the soggy weather we have had a great week. There is real magic in your gorgeous Belle Tents. The Bar Tent a source of so much laughter, story telling, game playing, fierce table football and chilling around the fire. Thanks a million Laura & Dave for your warm hospitality!"

Claire & Quentin:
"Only a brief stay but well worth he journey from London - totally relaxing and peaceful in a lovely atmosphere. Thank you for making us feel so welcome from the word go. We'll not forget our first night here - the music was BRILLIANT and you were so kind! I've had the best night's sleep here than I've had in ages! Hope to return again with the kids, soon. Thanks."

Max, Pete & Corrine:
"A lovely friendly site, we loved spending time in the bar tent and thanks for the campfire on the last night in spite of the weather. The woodburning stove is a great idea. I couple of ideas to make it even better: A wetsuit wash and somewhere to lay them to dry and a clothes maid to hang up soggy towels would be great. We hope to come back & bring our mates next spring. Max"
"Thanks for the lovely campfire and here's and idea what will make it better: if you put a sofa down the side of the woodburning stove and maybe a little dressing up box for younger kids like around 4 - 8 that age group. Thank you for lighting the campfire on our last night. Dave and Laura you are so kind and took us around to do the farm animals and for making me feel as welcome as it's my home as well thanks, Corrine. PS Please say thanks from me for letting me help with the animals and the egg."

[Thank you for your ideas. We have now a place for hanging wetsuits and towels, and have dressing up skip for 'kids' of all ages. Dave & laura x]

Clare, guy, Connor & Kieran:
"We've tried them all, Yurts, Tipis, Tents, Log Cabins and now Belle Tents and here is definitely one of the best! The boys loved having a space of their own and the communal bar tent and table football are real bonding spaces which is what makes camping fun. The stove is a god-send in our famous 'BBQ summer'. For kieran the solar lights cured his fear of the dark. Maybe some solar fairy lights in the bedroom would add another special touch for the little ones (and parents so we can check on them in the night). How about some small kids board games and for a book swap shelf? despite the downpoars this is a beautiful relaxed place where all thoughts of and stresses of work & home were forgotten. At least for a while. Exactly what we neede. Thanks."

[Thank you for your suggestions. We now have a book swap shelf and are adding more board games to our collection. We will also consider having a string of solar fairy lights available for when needed. Dave & laura x]

Imogen, Liz, Mel & John:
"We have had an amazing weekend catching up with old friends around the campfire, epic games of table football and playing guitar - thank you so much for lending them to us! Fabulous sunshine, great hospitality and the perfect setting made this the best birthday yet!"

2010 (Back to Top)

Freddie, Sam & Stef:
"Brilliant hosts. Thank you for looking after us."

Richard, Gill, Katherine & Maddy:
"We ahe had a wonderful week & done so much. The girls have loved the tents - Maddy wants to be a 'bar-lady' now!! Thank you for lovely accommodation & caring lovely hosts. If Murphy is ever missing we have got him, he is a real gem of a cat - he will miss his tuna sandwiches!! Thank You!!"

Laurie and lots of friends:
"Thank you so much for helping to make my 30th Birthday really special. I can't recommend this place enough, really can't wait to come here aginn.! love, Laurie."

Charlene, Andrew, Dave, Caroline & Julie:
"Your tents ROCK!! Dave and laura, you have been such gracious and fun hosts, everything is kitted out beautifully plus all the decadent extras! Fabulous nights round the fire, amazing walk on the moor & sunshine on the beach... and not to forget Murphy's contribution, of a bunny and a mouse, to the BBQ! We loved every minute & will be back! All the best & THANK YOU SO MUCH. -x-"

Molly & Jasmine:
"Yeah, and we love the bar for all our fun and games, especially the football table!! The fire pit is georgeous, and lovely that we can have an original camping experience, we can feel what it's like to be behind a bar!! Lovin' all the trinkets and metal signs. Apart from the weather a fabbi weekend!! Thanx again, Jazz ooo."

"I had a great time here... thanks for making us welcome... I will definitely recommend Belle Tents! We all really enjoyed ourselves, so cheers x"

Jill, Christina & Louise:
"Thank you so much for such a fab time. Camping has never been so easy! We will definitely be your London advertisers for 'Medium maintenance Glamping'! x"

Josie, Jerry, Theo, Bea & Tabitha:
"Still as magical a place as it was last August - now all we ned to do is work out which wek of the year the sun shines in Cornwall and we will have found Heaven on Earth. Thank you both so much for another wonderful holiday."

Liz, Nigel and James:
"Thank you so much for making us so welcome. Mackerel, music & wine around the campfire will be a lasting memory!"

Claire, Tim, Theodora & Ben:
"Thank you so much for a truly lovely time, even in spite of the everlasting drizzle! A splendind holiday. xx"

Diane, John & Claire:
"In the words of Abba - thank you for the music....! We had fun all be it damp!"

Joe, Roz, Jack & Emily:
"Rain certainly doesn't stop play, thank fully!! We had such a fantastic time - thanks Dave & Laura."
"Thank you sooo much. We all had an amazing time and had a great time last night listening to you playing your amazing music. I think this wins the best summer holiday by far!! Emily.

Lisa, John, Peter & Terri:
"Belle Tents:- peaceful, adventurous, fun, enetrtaining and utterly unique! We had a wonderful time and look forward to coming back. Dave & laura - you make it special. Lisa x"
"You have made the place good for me. Love Terri."
"I have had a fabulous time thank you so much, hope to see you next year. Peter."

Zuni & Djembe:
"One of the best surprises, the beds were comfy, as was the armchair. Amazing."
"It was great! Thanks very much, love the table football."

Kylie & Bruce:
"A truly magical place... all the litle flourishes make it spectacular & the hospitality made us feel so comfortable! Dave & Laura, you're complete STARS xxx"

Nathan, Lisa, Cameron, Harrison, Jack & Jessica:
"We had a fabulous time, shame about the weather - but what a great set up you have, already recommended and we will be back."
"We had a great time thank you, Jessica."

Kate, Simon, Izzy, Ollie & Jacob:
"Fantastic place, making for a memorable holiday. Loved the bar tent with the stove and football table - the kids had some great games they'll remember for a long while. The fire pit & BBG were great communal areas & a welcome source of heat for those chilly nights. We will be back & recommending it to eveyone! Thank you, Dave and Laura. x"

Kim, John & Lula:
"Just the perfect set up built with such care and attention to provide a relaxing, care free slumber under the stars. And even a fire stoked for our return at the end of the day! Thank you Dave and Laura"

Miranda, Clive, Oliver, Kate and Hamish:
"Fandabidozy! Thank you so much for a wonderful, carefree chilled out week (Sh** it was cold though!). we've had the most memorable holiday and oour children have so much to reflect on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. XXXXX
P.S. Laura's birthday night was the best - amazing. See you soon!!"

Dave, Becca, Molly, Eliza & Edwin:
"Hurrah for the bar tent and furnace to keep us and our possessions dry. Thank you for everything - even washing baby clothes. We had a marvellous time, thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly be back. We love Cornwall and now Belle Tents too. You'll remember us as the crazy Londoners who cooked 'chips' (!) on the BBQ griddle. xx"

Pauline & Bob:
"Lovely set up, very peaceful. beds warm & cosy even in Autumn.... great. (only neg. tent liners asap! roof only)."

Emily & Sam:
"Dave & laura! Thank you for a lovely weekend break! We had such an amazing night with your music and friends around the campfire which we will never forget! Our whole stay was so welcoming and relaxing we'll be sure to return in the future! Love, Emily & Sam x"

2011 (Back to Top)

Tim & Lianne, Nick & Amy, Joe & Becca, Danni, Sarah & Sam, Rob, Sammy & Emma:
" From the moment we booked to the moment we left have been ace. We love this place and will be back time and time again. Thank you x" Tim & Lianne"
"Thanks for an amazing weekend! We are already planning our next visit! Spring break!!! See you later yeah??! Dave & Katie"
"SPRING BREAK - WOOOO! Thank you so much for all the lovely Belle Tents, we miss you already! Joe & Becca"
"You've done a beautiful thing - thank you very much for having us, I will be back and pass on my lac to others for this wonderful place." Danni."
"Thanks guys for an excellent camping experience, hot showers, warm tents and free range eggs! Much love, Sarah and Sam . xx"
"Beautiful place, thanks! Best wishes, Rob xx"
"Very good, Sammy"
"Absolutely stunning. Already told my friends & family, we will be returning. Just wait for our call. Emma xx"

"Loved it soooo much, we're so glad we found this place, we're even gona come back for the summer xxx"

Julie, Brian, Faith and the rest of the weekend crew (by email):
"Hi Dave and laura, we just wanted to say a massive thank you for such a lovely weekend. We did not get to say a proper goodbye as we could not find you, but just wanted to say we had a fantastic time. Also we did not write in the visitors book but we would have said that we were made to feel really relaxed and at home and everything was thought of - we think you are amazing hosts and we think you have a really beautiful campsite located in a very pretty and tranquil place and we will definitely recommend you to our friends. We enjoyed listening to your music on the way home too - thank you for the CD! We wish you all the best and will be in touch next time we visit Cornwall."

Andy's 30th birthday group:
"Once again thank you for such a fabulous time, we love coming to visit you in your slice of heaven! See you next year! xx"

Roberta & Neil's Anniversary party with David, Mary, Mark, Angela, April, Dianne, John, Geordi, Martin, Ross, Bronte, Ruby, Erin, Zac & Evie:
"Dear Dave and Laura, thank you for this dream of a campsite - your vision and hard work have paid off - I am not a camping sort of man - but I have been very at home. This has been a few days that will stay in all our memories. The younger ones of our family's first words on arriving here: WOW! many thanks."
"What a beautiful spot - you have been great hosts - the Anniversary couple have really enjoyed their surprise - they said we could not have organised a better surprise for them! It's been a fantastic family occasion for us - one we will remember - thanks again"
"Thank you so much guys, your relaxed approach and wonderful site has reminded us of Oz! very cool and super relaxing, we will be back. Salt of the Earth. April xxx"
"I really like the tents and your quirky bar. I hope you like the butterfly. Ruby x"
"Dear Laura & Dave, this place is truly maical, a real hideaway from life, so relaxing. We want to thank you soo much for a great time & making Roberta & Neils Anniversary so memorable. The rain was a pain but we had an amazing time playing at being bar keepers!! We will return, maybe to steal Murphy! Ha. You are a great couple. Thanks again."

Susan, Ben, Freddy & Katie:
"Had a fantastic time - thanks so much for looking after us so well. Would love to come again x"

Jessie & Maia Ash & Ella:
"It's brilliant here! Can we come back next summer!!??!!"
"Fairytale camping, beautiful beaches & great people, ahhh! Thank you."

"I've had a brilliant time here in the camp it's been great being on the beach!"

"Alice in Wonderland! Truly, remarkable, a permanent good trip - THANK YOU SO MUCH xx"

"Good [unknown word] lovely music, joyous setting!"

"Beautiful people, mellow music, quality family time, stuff of dreams."

Joe's Stag Party with Phil, Jack, Ash, Tom, Rick, Chris, Chris, Tim & Steve:
"Firstly, thank you Dave and Laura - your home and campsite is FANTASTIC! We Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, both at the campsite and surrounding areas - we particularly enjoyed surfing lessons in Polzeath. Oh, and the table football, what an asset. Thanks so much and best of luck for the future."

"I think this place is amazing and I never want to go. I like playing table football. I'd love to come here again on holiday. I think the tents are wonderful. I hope you have a great time. xxx"
"I think it's awesome!!!!!"
"I am having a great time here and thanks for the free eggs. xxx"

"It's really fun here and I have learned how to play badminton."

"I have just arrived here with my family. The tents look amazing, I can not believe you actually made them. The games room is great and I would love to come here again. P.S. I loved the campfire and it was great with marshmallows."

Melanie, Matthew, Rhiannan, Finn & Ruby-Tuesday:
"Apart from the crappy weather, our spirits weren't dampened by the wonderful stay we have just experienced here. This place has a wonderful vibe, and the communal area really helps bring families together! THANK YOU - for building such a wonderful place and allowing us to have a sing-song with you!! Easter hols are sorted! xxx"

Siobhan, Andy, Abigail & Charlie:
"A big thank you for a lovely holiday - an idillic location and inspirational set up. I love Dave's architectural style!"
"I loved roasting marshmallows on the campfire and feeding the chickens (Abigail and Charlie) xxx"

Thank you to all of you for your wonderfully kind comments. It has been a great pleasure for us to meet everyone and spend time getting to know you all; it makes our summers really special.
As for the weather, we are doing all we can to make sure it's a decent summer this year. So we shall expect to have drinkies in the bar and songs around the campfire under the stars with you soon - if you can bear to come back!
PS: Apologies to anyone whose name is mis-spelt, some of your handwriting is hard to decipher! Love, Laura & Dave xx

If you would like to stay with us outside of the camping season, then available all year is Little Owl, our self contained studio annex - sleeps 2/3.

Little Owl Patio Little Owl

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